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Finding the career path of your dreams requires unwavering motivation, unfaltering passion, and a strong blend of study and practical skills. 

Nowadays, more and more students are opting for the hands-on approach, and specific occupational courses have adapted to this by offering vocational placements for a range of industry professions. 

At Sage Education, we offer nothing less than the best VET training, irrespective of whether your dream role is in the childcare, aged care, or disability support sector. 

When you study with Sage Education, you will master the skills required to enter/re-enter the workforce, bolstered by an expertly constructed module plan and immeasurably beneficial vocational placements that will significantly increase your chances of employment. 

Within our informative guide, we will discuss the meaning of VET training, its benefits, where to find the best vocational training, and much more!

What is VET Training? 

Vocational and Educational Training (VET) is a form of learning that hones the development of a range of relevant skills that will bolster your chances of being employed in the sector that you wish to work in. 

Partnered with the top employers of the pertinent industries, vocational courses are based around work-related situations in order to give you practical knowledge that you can use when you enter the workforce. 

The Benefits of VET Training 

If you are undecided about whether to explore an academic route or a vocational route, don’t worry – we have compiled a list of the most significant benefits of studying a vocational course! 

  1. You Gain Practical Skills

One of the most appealing perks to studying a VET course is the inclusion of vocational placements, which allow you to acquire the knowledge that you’ll need to be a proficient employee. 

With VET Training, practical skills are prioritised over academic theory, meaning that the majority of your study schedule will be oriented around practicing valuable skills that you can use in a range of careers, and thus, you have a vital advantage when you enter the workforce. 

With Sage Education, we organise your vocational placements for you, whether you have relevant prior experience or not, so that you can get the most from the VET sector and have the highest chance of employment after you have completed the course. 

  1. You Experience a Range of Cultures

The workforce becomes more globalised with every passing year, and this is partially due to the internationally recognised appeal of vocational institutes. 

As a result, you’ll likely be studying alongside students who come from a range of different ethnic, economic, and cultural backgrounds. 

Not only is it likely that you’ll build meaningful connections with lifelong friends, but you’ll also be able to demonstrate experiences of working cross-culturally. 

From this, an employer can infer that you have a better understanding of how to communicate with individuals from different backgrounds with empathy and professionalism. This could be the difference between starting the job of your dreams and remaining in the job hunt. 

  1. You Graduate Faster 

Vocational courses are significantly shorter than education programs in other sectors. This is due to the precise focus on developing the necessary skills for a particular industry. 

By spending less time studying, you will be able to start a career much faster than students who elect the academic route, and consequently, you will start earning an income at a much earlier stage in your life. 

For instance, if you were to enrol in our Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care course, you could complete this course in just one year.

  1. You Have Cheaper Course Fees

Students who study at university spend thousands of dollars worth of tuition on their degrees. 

When you undergo VET Training, your fees are substantially lower because VET courses have considerably shorter duration periods. 

For example, if you were to enrol on our Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing or Disability) course, you would be able to utilise a government subsidy if you are eligible. If you are eligible, you could get access to a wealth of invaluable skills for only $225!

  1. Your Study Schedule is Flexible to You

A vocational course’s mission, at heart, is to support students who may have difficulties balancing a multitude of personal obligations. 

With Sage Education, for instance, if you were to study our Certificate IV in Ageing Support course, you would experience a blend of meticulously crafted face-to-face and online learning, whereby the duration of your course is reliant on your unique situation. 

  1. You Develop Transferable Skills 

A lot of vocational qualifications can provide you with impeccable cooperation/communication, team management, and time management skills. 

Needless to say, these skills can be applied to any career path that you wish to pursue and are incredibly desirable to employers, making it so that you ascend the hierarchy of your chosen career with ease and haste. 

Especially when it comes to refining team management skills, our Certificate IV in Disability course would be perfect for you if you wish to improve your leadership skills, as you will be responsible for leading a team of support workers. 

Why You Should Study with Sage Education

Sage Education is one of the most revered nationally registered training organisations (RTOs) in Australia and has been since 1998. 

This means that we deliver nationally recognised training within the VET sector and have seen over 3000 successful graduates move on to their dream careers! 

Our focus on practical skills and our passion for transformative education journeys make us stand out as the best education providers in Brisbane! 

Aside from an abundance of specialised knowledge, we imbue our students with an empowered sense of confidence and employability skills. 

We celebrate your respectable mission to give back to your community and change the lives of the most vulnerable individuals within our society – it only makes sense that we, as your education providers, can change your life with unexcelled courses and esteemed qualifications. 

Enrol with Sage Education 

Are you looking to start a rewarding career in the child care, aged care, or disability support industries? 

Whether you can envision yourself graduating with a Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing or Disability) or a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, at Sage Education, we have crafted the perfect course for you. 

Enquire today and learn more about how we effortlessly combine the best elements of a highly informative module structure and practical, real-life skills! 

Maybe you’re looking to take your education even further or bolster the skills you are already using in your field. Why not pursue our diplomas (a Diploma of Community Services and a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care)? 

Earning a diploma with Sage Education means that you are not only an incredibly skilled care worker, but you have become an incredibly skilled leader, and you are well on your way to making the changes to the care sector that you’ve always imagined. 

All you need to do is get in touch

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