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Early school leavers, single mothers, people looking for a career change, we help hundreds of people like you kickstart a new career with confidence.

Our focus is not just training and course completion, we work tirelessly to develop your employability skills to help you succeed. Job outcome is our #1 PRIORITY.

SAVE money by taking Advantage of
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Aged care and Community Service

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Training Since 1998

You can be assured of the quality with our 22 years of training history.

Nationally Recognised

All our courses have National Accreditation which means you can work anywhere across Australia.

Employer’s First Choice

You will be a most sought after graduate in the industry.

Government Subsidised

We offer government funding for eligible courses in Queensland.

Job-Ready Training

You can be assured of the quality with our 22 years of training history.

Vocational Placement

All our courses have National Accreditation which means you can work anywhere across Australia.

Learning Support

We offer on demand support to you, so you are never left on your own.

Past Graduates

With over 3000 graduates (and counting), we have helped hundreds of people like you to start their new career

Talk to us about our flagship aged and disability care courses.
Pay only $195 if you qualify to receive
the government subsidy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a government subsidy?

Yes, you can. We offer a range of courses subsidised by the Queensland Government under the Certificate 3 Guarantee and Higher Level Skills Program. Talk to our team to find out which option suits you the best.

Can I study online?

Yes, we do offer online delivery of some of our courses. However, you may need to attend a workshop to acquire practical skills mandatory for vocational placement.

We assess your situation at the time of enrolment and suggest an appropriate study mode.

Do you guarantee employment?

We do not guarantee employment. However, historically, most of your graduates secure employment as soon as they complete their course.

There is overwhelming employment demand currently, and you are very likely to secure a position if you follow our guidelines.

Who will organise my vocational placement?

We will organise your vocational placement when you’re ready to do so. However, please note that you must meet all requirements and acquire practical skills before your vocational placement is confirmed.

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