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Ensuring that you are the ultimate choice for employers is imperative to securing your dream career. 

Some individuals elect to volunteer, study at university, and work in other roles to develop transferable skills. 

However, for those who have additional commitments, such avenues of bolstering skills can prove to be too demanding. 

At Sage Education, our mission is to provide matchlessly enlightening education for all, regardless of background. 

It is through our passion for education that we have crafted an informative guide on short skill set courses. Below, we have detailed what a skill set course is, who they are aimed for, their importance in the world of employment, and so much more! 

What is a Short Skill Set Course? 

A short skill set course is a training package. These packages are expressed in units of competency and are below the level of full qualifications.

The units of competency from a training package provide you with specific workplace skills within a short amount of time. 

Skill set courses correspond to individuals who are looking to refine skills in a given work-related subject. 

Skillset courses rarely lead to a diploma. However, some of them can open the door to specific certifications and qualifications. 

Why Should You Do a Short Skill Set Course? 

Listed below are the benefits of studying a short skill set course for both you and your potential employer: 

– You can gain personal enrichment and prepare for future training. 

– You can learn specific skills and knowledge that meet the needs of your employers. 

– You can develop skills that can help you get a promotion or change in career. 

– Your prowess will help maintain a company’s brand image. 

– A short skill set is an avenue to further education. 

– Short courses are more flexible as they offer a more condensed form of learning. 

– A short course can help to bridge a gap in your knowledge. 

What Short Courses Does Sage Education Offer? 

At Sage Education, we offer two esteemed short courses that encompass the refinement of existing skills. 

  1. Assist Clients with Medication Skill Set 

With this course, you will understand different types of medication, their dosages, and how to administer them effectively. 

This course is perfect for support workers who must have a complete understanding of safe and effective medication administration. 

  1. Case Management Skill Set 

This short course is designed for those who already have experience in community service or health sector roles. 

By the end of the course, you will be able to effectively manage cases in a variety of healthcare, social work, and legal contexts. 

To accompany your knowledge of the fundamentals of case management, you will have an understanding of ethical and legal considerations related to case management. 

How to Choose a Skillset Course 

With a multitude of short courses available, you need to know which course is going to be beneficial to your career goals. 

To help you decide whether a skillset course is right for you, we have crafted useful criteria that you can apply to any course that is designed to develop particular skill sets. 

  1. Define Your Goals 

Ask yourself why you need a course that bolsters the professional development of work-related skills. It is also vital to choose courses that suit your desired position within the industry of your choosing.

For instance, to secure a role as a nursing assistant, our Assist Clients with Medication Skill Set Course would be perfect for you. Whereas, to ascend the ranks of the care industry, you should consider our Case Management Skill Set Course

  1. Investigate the Reputation of the Course Provider 

The reliability and prowess of your education provider are paramount to having the most beneficial studying experience. 

Investigate the reputation of your chosen training organisation. You should also assess the reputation of the course leaders and feedback from former students.  

When you successfully complete a short course with Sage Education, you join the other 3000+ happy graduates who have gone on to find rewarding careers in their desired fields. 

  1. Check the Admission Requirements 

Some skillset courses will require you to meet particular prerequisites before you can start studying. 

Our Assist Clients with Medication Skill Set Course Prerequisites

For this course, you must have a Certificate III level or higher in an area involving the provision of direct client care or support. 

Our Case Management Skill Set Course Prerequisites 

For this course, you must have a Certificate III or higher in community services or health or a related field. 

  1. Question Whether the Pace of Work is Suitable for You 

Needless to say, short courses don’t take long to complete, especially in comparison to VET training, which can take months to complete. It is up to you to decide if the content and pace of work will enhance your chances of bettering your career. 

Organised in digestible segments, our courses are comprised of no more than four units of competency and take up to 8 weeks to complete. 

  1. Explore What You Can Attain After You Successfully Complete the Course 

Our courses are more geared towards upskilling existing experience and qualifications rather than helping you acquire academic qualifications. 

That being said, upon completion of our courses, you will receive a Statement of Attainment. 

A Statement of Attainment is a document that shows the units of competency that a student completes as part of a nationally recognised course. 

  1. Consider the Course Delivery Structure 

It is essential that the short course that you choose can effectively coincide with your personal routine. 

You should consider whether your course will be delivered to you on a face-to-face basis, at a specific location, or crafted for distance learning. 

 At Sage Education, our courses are designed to be accessible so that you can get the most out of your studies without feeling the pressure of juggling a lot of commitments. 

With our Assist Clients with Medication Skill Set Course, you can successfully complete your training in one day. Because of this, we deem it best that you study face-to-face with our esteemed course leaders so that you can get instant support and feedback. 

However, with our Case Management Skill Set Course, we have taken the flexibility of self-paced online courses and combined them with unlimited trainer support to help your independent study. 

  1. Check Course Fees 

Some short courses are costly, so you must decide if you can finance a skill set course comfortably. Thankfully, some courses can be subsidised by the government. 

For instance, with the skill set courses at Sage Education, you can receive a government subsidy if you meet the following eligibility criteria: 

– You must live in Queensland. 

– You must have a Certificate III in Individual Support or an equivalent qualification in the healthcare industry. 

– You must have a role in the healthcare industry. 

Additionally, we offer discounts that are available for group bookings for both of our short courses. 

Why You Should Study with Sage Education? 

Sage Education is a Nationally Registered Training Organisation and has been providing transformative education since 1998. 

We believe in empowering our students’ confidence and transforming our students’ lives with our top-rate education. Our passion for transformative study has seen 3000 (and counting) successful graduates find employment and brush up on work-related skills. 

Our connections to the top employers in the healthcare industry make us stand out above all other training organisations, combined with our goal to see our students in the roles of their dreams within three months!

Enrol with Sage Education 

Now that you are an expert on short skillset courses, it is time to pick which course is best suited to your career aims! 

At Sage Education, we recognise that your mission to transform the lives of others starts with how you transform your skill set. 

Enquire today about our Assist Clients with Medication Skill Set Course and drive your passion for caring for the most vulnerable members of our society even further!

On the note of taking it to the next level, enquire now about our Case Management Skill Set Course and learn how to be a proficient case manager whose implementations could make ever-lasting improvements to the healthcare sector!

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