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If you’re considering a vocational career, there’s never been a better time to get involved. With an accredited Vocational Education and Training (VET) course from a nationally recognised registered training provider, you could launch into a well-paid role in an in-demand sector within weeks of completing your course.

The Australian Government pledges billions of dollars in funding each year to train individuals wanting to get started with vocational careers. This means that, provided you meet the criteria, you could enrol for a government-subsidised course and get fully certified for less.

But let’s take a step back. What is government-funded vocational training, how does it work, and how do you get started? In this blog, we’ll answer each of these questions and reveal why you should begin your vocational journey with Sage Education today. 

What is government-funded vocational training?

Government-funded vocational training refers to courses that receive financial support from the government to make them more affordable to students.

Eligible students that enrol on government-funded courses with a registered training organisation (RTO) or Technical and Further Education (TAFE) provider can expect to receive significant discounts on their course fees.

Government-funded courses provide affordable, accessible opportunities for workers looking to grow their skillset and transition into in-demand vocational roles. Let’s explore how they work and how much money you could save.

Is government-funded training free?

While there are a selection of completely free government funded training programs, they are few and far between. Places are usually limited, and eligible students often need to meet strict criteria to be accepted.

But don’t worry. Even if you can’t find a free accreidted qualification, there are many ways to significantly reduce costs and gain accreditations at a discounted price.

For example, VET student loans granted by the government can help to cover your tuition fees. These loans are capped, meaning you may still need to pay a reduced amount to bridge the gap between your loan and course fees.

Many courses may require you to pay a co-contribution fee: a small charge based on each unit you elect to take. That said, the co-contribution fees are considerably more affordable than paying for the course outright.

The government are always looking for new ways to support students looking to build their skills. Read on to find out more about government funded course eligibility and the different options available to you.

Which government funding options are there?

With so many subsidised courses available, deciding what’s best for you can be challenging. To make things easier, we’ve provided a list detailing a few of the top government funding options available for prospective VET students.

JobTrainer Fund

The Australian government introduced the JobTrainer fund in response to skills shortages associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. It aims to provide additional opportunities for individuals that want to acquire new skills or reskill to change direction.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to acquire low or no-cost subsidised training with a registered training provider. The JobTrainer program focuses on industries with skill gaps and worker shortages, such as the healthcare, support work, construction and IT sectors.

The initiative typically targets young people, school leavers and those who are unemployed. If you meet the criteria, JobTrainer’s government-funded courses are a great way to get the skills and expertise you need to succeed in vocational roles. That said, due to limited course availability and specific eligibility criteria, the JobTrainer fund may not be accessible to all students. Click here to find out more.

Skills Checkpoint

This initiative supports workers aged 40 and over to explore new opportunities, gain new skills, and build expertise. The goal of a Skills Checkpoint government-funded course is to provide older adults with the experience they need to upskill in their current roles or transition into new careers.

Skills Checkpoint courses are offered throughout Australia by registered training providers. The program provides an accessible, affordable pathway to older individuals searching for new opportunities in the vocational sector. Click here to find out more.

State and Territory funding

Each state and territory government in Australia allocates a set amount of funding to training programs. From grants and subsidies to guidance and incentives, local governments offer a broad range of assistance to help students acquire the job-ready skills they need to start or progress in their chosen career path.

For example, residents of New South Wales may be eligible for the Smart and Skilled program, which offers a range of courses across various industries. Similarly, the Queensland government funds various Certificate III, Certificate IV and diploma courses under the Certificate 3 Guarantee and Queensland Higher Level Skills Programs.

The training available to you will depend on your location, age and experience. To learn more about the options available, let’s look at every government funding option by state and territory.

Government funding by state and territory

Here’s a complete list of all the government funding options listed by state and territory. We haven’t included the JobTrainer or Skills Checkpoint programs in this list, as the Australian Government offers them across all states and territories.

To find out more about a specific program, click the associated links below.

Queensland (QLD)

New South Wales (NSW)

Western Australia (WA)

South Australia (SA)

Victoria (VIC)

Tasmania (TAS)

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Northern Territory (NT)

Which courses does Sage offer with government funding?

At Sage, we offer a selection of first-class Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses under the Queensland Certificate 3 Guarantee program and Higher Level Skills Program. These are:

  • CHC30015 – Certificate III in Individual Support
  • CHC43015 – Certificate IV in Ageing Support
  • CHCSS00070 – Assist Clients with Medication Skill Set
  • CHCSS00073 – Case Management Skill Set

Our courses provide a proven pathway into the aged care and disability sectors. Once you complete your training, you could expect to secure employment in a role such as:

  • Nursing Assistant
  • Respite Care Worker
  • Aged Care Support Worker
  • Disability Support Worker
  • Retirement Villages Care Worker
  • Community-based Care Worker
  • Personal Care Assistant
  • Community Program Coordinator
  • Care Service Team Leader

During your training, your course leader will work with you on a one-to-one basis, assessing your skillset, offering you guidance and providing support to help you progress into a career that’s right for you.

What are the eligibility criteria for Sage’s courses?

To meet the eligibility requirements for government funding on Sage’s courses, you must:

  • Be an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, New Zealand citizen or on a pathway to PR.
  • Be 15 years old or over
  • Live in Queensland
  • Have left school
  • Not already have, or be enrolled in, an equivalent certificate or higher qualification.

Why should I study with Sage?

Sage Education is a nationally recognised, approved provider of accredited VET qualifications in the aged, disability and childcare sectors.

Our courses are affordable, accessible and practical. We are committed to providing our students with the job-ready expertise, hands-on training and fundamental knowledge required to succeed in care-based roles.

Worrying about whether your VET course will help you secure employment is natural. That’s why we take the pressure off by helping you find a job once you finish your training.

We partner with industry-leading employers throughout Australia. This allows us to secure employment for over 80% of our graduates once they complete their courses.

Want to get involved? Why not get in touch? Whether you want to check your eligibility for government funding, assess which of Sage’s courses is right for you, or just want to chat with one of our trained advisers, our expert team are on hand to help you take your next steps with confidence.

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