Is There Going to be an Aged Care Pay Rise in 2024?

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Aged care workers are essential in Australia’s healthcare system because they give necessary support to elderly people. They work extra hard and have to deal with tough challenges in their jobs.

However, there is growing concern about their pay and working conditions. During 2024, many are hopeful for a significant increase in their wages. Sage Education understands this demand and offers training courses for higher-paying roles. Gaining advanced expertise can help anyone acquire more managerial positions. 

This blog explores the current state of aged care pay in Australia and whether it could increase this year.

The Current State of Aged Care Pay

Aged care employees in Australia are essential in delivering vital services to the elderly. However, there have been concerns and discussions about their pay and working conditions. The newest information reveals that the pay and working conditions for these hardworking experts vary across the nation.

In Australia, caregivers for older adults work in nursing homes, community living facilities, and private homes. Their earnings depend on their knowledge and experience. 

Currently in 2024, the annual salary for an aged care support worker in Australia is $50,212, which is equivalent to $24.73 per hour. This is a 5-6% increase from 2023, meaning the wages could gradually increase over the next few years.

People who take care of older adults can have a challenging time. Because of this, many people who work in this field decide to quit because they want to get paid more and have better working conditions. This turnover impacts the quality of care given and adds pressure to the aged care workforce.

However, there is likely going to be an increase in aged care wages. Even though some state governments are trying to fix the problem of pay differences and make working conditions better for aged care workers, there is still a need for a fair and equal approach all across the country.

Factors Influencing Aged Care Wages in Australia

The pay for people who work in aged care in Australia depends on various factors: 

Qualifications and Experience

The pay for an aged care worker depends on their qualifications and industry experience. Those with more experience may earn more because they have the required skills. However, some employers might prefer accredited qualifications over experience. It really just depends on what the employer is looking for.

Industry Sector and Job Roles

The amount of money you get paid in the aged care field depends on the kind of job you have. There are different ways that workers in nursing homes, community care, and home services get paid. Moreover, compensation levels may vary for specific roles like registered nurses, personal care assistants, and support workers.

Government Funding and Policies

Government funding is essential in deciding the wages for aged care. The money that aged care providers have is influenced by rules about subsidies, grants, and budget allocations. Changes in government priorities and funding models can impact competitive wages.

Economic Conditions

Wages also depend on the current economy and whether prices go up. This can make it hard for aged care workers to get paid enough. When the economy is unstable, there might not be enough money for fair wages. However, during periods of growth, there may be chances to invest more in the workforce.

Why You Should Still Become an Aged Care Worker in Australia

Even though there are apparent difficulties with how much money people earn in the aged care field in Australia, it is still a really rewarding and meaningful job.  Although there are ongoing talks about increasing pay and improving the industry, there are solid arguments for why people should think about pursuing a career as an aged care worker in Australia.

Impactful and Meaningful Work

Aged care workers play an essential role in making the lives of elderly people better. They build strong relationships with the residents, meaning the impact of taking care of them with kindness is impossible to measure. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, aged care gives you a special opportunity to do exactly that! 

Growing Demand and Job Security

The number of old people in Australia is going up, so there will be more and more need for aged care services. Because of this, we will also need more aged care workers who are skilled and caring. If you choose to work in this field, you can have a stable job and lots of chances to try different roles in the sector.

Diverse Career Pathways

The field of taking care of older people has varied career paths. You can be a helper who takes care of them personally, a registered nurse, or even work in management and administration. This field gives you chances to get better at your job and learn new things so you can upskill in the aged care industry.

Community Connection and Relationships

Ageing care employment promotes a feeling of togetherness and unity. Establishing significant connections with residents, their families, and other care workers cultivates a helpful and fulfilling workplace. The relationships built contribute to a sense of inclusion and fulfilment in your profession.

Contribution to Social Change

When you join the aged care profession, you play a crucial role in the continuous social change and support for better conditions in the sector. Your commitment helps shape the perception of the importance of aged care workers, which can lead to positive improvements in pay and working conditions.

Professional and Personal Growth

Working in aged care requires people to develop essential qualities like resilience, empathy, and strong people skills. Dealing with the different aspects of the job helps you grow personally and professionally, which can be really rewarding. By facing challenges and celebrating achievements, you gain a set of skills that can be useful in many areas of life, not just at work.

Opportunities for Advocacy and Leadership

Aged care workers play a vital role because they can speak up for their job. When they talk about getting paid fairly, having better working conditions, and making changes to the rules, they help make the aged care field better. If they become leaders in the industry, they can make a big difference and make this sector more suitable for everyone.

Sage Education’s Training Certifications for Higher Paying Aged Care Roles

Despite ongoing debates and obstacles, choosing to pursue aged care in Australia demonstrates its significance and value.

Starting a career in aged care offers the chance to make a difference in older individuals’ lives, with increasing job opportunities and diverse roles. It provides personal and professional growth with the opportunity to make a positive impact on society.

Sage Education has various certifications for higher-paying aged care roles. These include Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing or Disability) and Certificate IV in Ageing Support.  You can enhance your current skills and knowledge to make your resume more appealing to future employers. 

Contact us today to learn more about our aged care courses and how they can prepare you for the aged care sector. 

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