How will Sage Education prepare me for a job role?

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At Sage, we’re all about employability, and care about helping you take the next big steps in your career.

We’re committed to helping you build confidence, develop skills and acquire knowledge to help you succeed in a role relevant to your chosen course.

In this blog, we’ll explore how Sage helps you prepare for work, build employability skills and find relevant roles. You’ll also discover how Sage can help you secure a job once you complete your course.

How do Sage courses help me prepare for a job?

At Sage, we believe that practical courses are the best way to give you the expertise you need to succeed in vocational roles. That’s why we design our training programs to provide you with job-ready skills that you can immediately apply to real-world situations.

Our team of helpful, friendly instructors are experts at helping you build your skill set. From in-person demonstrations and practical feedback to helpful one-to-one chats and holistic support, our world-class course providers put your learning experience first.

Many of our courses also contain a vocational placement module, allowing you to apply the techniques and knowledge you’ve learned to real-life situations. Vocational placements help you to develop the hands-on experience and communication skills needed to prepare you for future roles in your chosen industry.

All of our courses are accredited, meaning they are taught to the standard set by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). This means that every certification you achieve with Sage is nationally recognised and can be used as an approved qualification on your CV. Sage courses are the perfect way to build lifelong skills while boosting your employability.

What else will Sage do to prepare me for work?

Sage is more than just an outstanding course provider. We care about your employability and are committed to helping you secure the career of your dreams.

That’s why we’ll work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you build the necessary expertise to find employment once you’ve completed your training.

Whether you need a CV touchup, a bit of career direction, tips to nail an interview, or a friendly face to discuss options with, our team is on hand to help you progress in the right direction.

During your training, you’ll have the option to schedule chats with your course leader to talk through your goals. This will also allow your instructor to assess your skill set, helping them align you with a job you’ll love.

Will Sage help me find a job?

Once you graduate from one of our accredited courses, Sage will help you find employment in a career related to your training program.

We’re proud to say that we help almost all our graduates secure employment within ten weeks of their course graduation.

Sage collaborates with several industry-leading employers across Australia. Many of our partners handpick our graduates to fill vacancies because they trust our courses and know we provide high-quality, job-ready expertise to all applicants.

We routinely help our applicants secure well-paid roles with starting salaries of $50-60k annually. This means you get a massive return on your course investment within one year of working in your new role.

We’re a customer-first organization that makes your employment our number one priority. Once you finish your training, we guarantee that we’ll do the legwork to help you confidently start your new career.

How do I enroll with Sage?

It’s easy to get started with Sage. The first step is to visit our course pages to check which program aligns with your goals. On these pages, you’ll find relevant information, entry requirements and possible job outcomes to give you a better idea of your options. We currently offer the following courses:

  • CHC33015 – Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing or Disability)
  • CHC43015 – Certificate IV in Ageing Support
  • CHC43115 – Certificate IV in Disability
  • CHC52015 – Diploma of Community Services
  • CHC30121 – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • CHC-50121 – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
  • HLTAID009 – Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid
  • HLTAID012 – Provide Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting
  • CHCSS0073 – Case Management Skill Set
  • CHCSS00070 – Assist Clients with Medication Skill Set

Once you find the perfect program, click ‘enquire now’. You’ll have the option to contact us via email, phone, or by visiting our address.

Deciding on a course can be tricky. If you’d like to learn more about our offers, want to discuss the best options for you, or just need a little extra support, get in touch today. We’re always on hand to help you find a course that works for you.

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