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Trying to decide whether a CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support course is right for you? Sage is here to help.

We are one of Australia’s leading providers of flexible vocational courses. Whatever your ambitions, we’ll work with you to find a course that aligns with your goals, schedule and skillset.

In this blog, we’ll discuss what you can expect from a Certificate III in Individual Support course, how long you should expect the training to take, and why you should enroll with Sage if you’re looking to secure employment in the disability or aged care sector once you complete your training.

What is a Certificate III in Individual Support course?

The CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing or Disability) course is an accredited training program designed to provide applicants with an entry pathway into the aged care and disability sectors.

During the course, you’ll learn how to provide person-centred, holistic support to individuals with unique needs and complex disabilities.

You’ll also be required to undertake 120 hours of practical placement. This will give you the job-ready skills and practical expertise needed to secure employment once you finish your training.

We teach our nationally recognised Certificate III in Individual Support course both in-person and online. Whether you’d like to study face-to-face at one of our outstanding campuses or want to learn from the comfort of your own home, Sage will help you find a course structure that meets your needs.

Our course has rolling intakes. This means you can start whenever you like. Simply sign up, attend a welcome session (face-to-face or virtual), then get started with your new training program.

How long will the course take with Sage?

Sage teaches the Certificate III in Individual Support course over 20 weeks. This includes 120 hours of mandatory vocational placement.

That said, the completion time is just a guideline. Many of our students complete the course in as little as 14 weeks.

We believe that no two applicants are the same. That’s why we’ll help you find a course plan that works for you. Whether you’re ready to study full-time or need to juggle your course around work or family commitments, we’ll help you find a program that aligns with your schedule.

What will I learn during the course?

Sage’s course consists of several ‘core’ modules that students must finish in order to successfully complete the course.

In addition, our course also includes numerous elective modules that are entirely optional. These units will provide you with a specialised understanding in niche areas. We currently offer specialist modules for both the aged care and disability sector.

Note that students can enroll for both aged care and disability elective units if they would like to gain specialist experience in both areas.

Core units

Our Certificate III in Individual Support course contains 7 core units.

CHCCCCS015 – Provide individualised support

This unit offers the skills required to arrange, implement and monitor support services within the limits of an individualised support plan.

You’ll learn how to determine the needs of a client and provide support services that meet those needs. You’ll also learn how to monitor and review activities to ensure your client is getting the best service possible.

CHCCCCS023 – Support independence and wellbeing

In this unit, you’ll learn how to provide individualised services to support and empower independence in individuals with diverse needs.

You’ll understand how to recognise an individual’s unique needs, and learn how to foster independence and nurture physical and emotional wellbeing.

CHCCOM005 – Communicate and work in health or community services

This module will provide you with the knowledge required to communicate effectively with your clients, colleagues and supervisors.

You’ll gain an understanding of effective communication practices, learn how to collaborate with your colleagues to address problems and contribute to the continuous improvement of services.

CHCDIV001 – Work with diverse people

This unit teaches the skills and knowledge needed to provide holistic services to people from different backgrounds.

You’ll learn to reflect on your biases, appreciate cultural diversity, and communicate respectfully with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

CHCLEG001 – Work legally and ethically

In this module, you’ll learn how to work within the legal and ethical frameworks that apply to your job role.

You’ll develop the skills needed to identify legal requirements and ethical responsibilities, and use your knowledge to improve workplace best practices.

HLTAAP001 – Recognise healthy body systems

This unit will teach you how to understand basic human anatomy and promote the healthy functioning of the body.

During this module, you’ll learn to identify the core components of a healthy body and how to support the healthy functioning of the body in individuals.

HLTWHS002 – Follow safe work practices for direct client care

This unit offers the core skills needed to participate in work activities safely.

You’ll learn to follow safe practices for direct client care, infection prevention and infection control policies. In the process, you’ll also gain the skills needed to reflect on and improve your own practices.

Elective units – General

Our Certificate III in Individual Support course contains 2 general elective units.

CHCPAL001 – Provide support using palliative approach

This unit teaches the fundamental knowledge needed to care for those with life-threatening illnesses or who are experiencing the normal ageing process.

You’ll build an understanding of the unique palliative approach required to support those with illnesses. You’ll also learn how to adhere to end-of-life care strategies, respond to signs of pain, and respect a client’s quality of life choices.

CHCCCS017 – Provide loss and grief support

In this module, you’ll learn how to respond to the needs of people in a state of grief or mourning.

You’ll learn how to recognise and engage empathetically with those experiencing grief, offer support, provide information, and review your support strategies to inform best practices.

Elective units – Disability Care specialisation

Our Certificate III in Individual Support course contains 4 specialist Disability Care elective units.

CHCDIS001 – Contribute to ongoing skills development using a strengths-based approach

This unit teaches the necessary skills to foster the ongoing skills development of people with disabilities.

During the module, you’ll learn how to adopt a strengths-based approach, assist with individual skill development, and support learning opportunities to nurture personal growth.

CHCDIS002 – Follow established person-centred behaviour supports

In this unit, you’ll learn how to implement behavioural support services as specified in an individual support plan.

You’ll learn how to assess the context of behaviours, take a person-centred approach to behavioural support, and provide positive assistance in line with support strategies.

CHCDIS003 – Support community participation and social inclusion

This module will teach you the practical expertise needed to foster community participation for individuals with a disability.

You’ll learn how to identify opportunities for participation, implement strategies to facilitate social inclusion and collaborate with the client to overcome potential barriers.

CHCDIS007 – Facilitate the empowerment of people with disability

This unit offers the core skills needed to empower those with a disability to understand their rights.

You’ll gain expertise in empowering people with disability to make independent choices and act with self-determination. You’ll also learn how to help those with a disability to understand and act on their rights.

Elective units – Aged Care specialisation

Our Certificate III in Individual Support course contains 3 specialist Aged Care elective units.

CHCAGE001 – Facilitate the empowerment of older people

This module teaches the skills needed to empower older people in response to their goals and aspirations.

You’ll learn how to develop respectful relationships with older people, provide person-centred services, and support individual rights.

CHCAGE005 – Provide support to people living with dementia

In this module, you’ll gain the expertise required to support those living with dementia.

You’ll learn how to offer person-centred care to individuals with dementia, communicate effectively to maximise engagement and provide activities to help with the maintenance of core skills.

CHCCCS011 – Meet personal support needs

This unit will teach you the skills needed to meet the personal support needs of an individual.

You’ll learn how to understand a person’s individual support requirements and provide holistic support in collaboration with the client.

Who should take the course?

Our Certificate III course is an entry-level training program suited to those looking for a pathway into the disability or aged care sectors.

The course provides the fundamental skills needed to find employment in care-based roles. This makes it an excellent opportunity for those who are:

  • Searching for their first job after finishing school.
  • Seeking a new opportunity.
  • Looking for a change of career.
  • Returning to work after a long time off.

What are the entry requirements?

The Certificate III in Individual Support course requires no prior learning, work experience or previous studies completed. This makes the course an excellent pathway into work or further education.

That said, Sage requires that all students enrolling on the Certificate III in Individual Support course:

  • Are at least 15 years old.
  • Have fundamental language, literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Can obtain a federal police check.

In addition, to get the most out of our training program, we also advise that all of our students:

  • Have access to a computer with stable internet (if intending to study online).
  • Have a device that can play audio (if intending to study online).
  • Are comfortable working in a group setting.
  • Want to secure a relevant role in the aged care or disability sector once they finish their training.

What job outcomes can I expect once I complete my training?

Once you’ve finished your training, you could expect to secure a job in the following roles:

  • Nursing Assistant
  • Respite Care Worker
  • Aged Care Support Worker
  • Disability Support Worker
  • Retirement Villages Care Worker
  • Community-based Care Worker
  • Personal Care Assistant

During your course, your instructor will discuss options with you. This will also allow them to assess your skill set, goals and ambitions, helping them to align you with a job that meets your needs.

Why should I study with Sage?

Sage Education is a registered training organisation specialising in delivering industry-relevant, nationally recognised vocational courses in the aged care, disability care and childcare sectors.

Since launching in 1998, we’ve helped over 4000 enrollees develop hands-on skills, practical knowledge and job-ready expertise. We’ve also helped thousands of people secure relevant roles in rewarding vocational industries.

We’re committed to helping you find the career of your dreams. That’s why Sage partners with top employers all across Australia to help our graduates find employment once they finish their training.

The aged and disability care sectors are in high demand, and many of our partner businesses seek out Sage graduates to fill vacancies as soon as they finish their training. That’s why we’re proud to say that we help over 80% of our successful graduates find employment within ten weeks of their course end date.

If you’d like to learn more about our world-class Certificate III in Individual Support course, click here.

Want to get in touch to discuss your options? Contact us today. Our team is committed to helping you discover the education path that’s right for you.

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