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In short, the answer is yes, you can study a diploma of community services course online.

At Sage Education, we believe that anyone who has worked hard to reach the level of a community service course deserves nothing less than the utmost accessibility. We appreciate that our students will have other, equally important commitments and shouldn’t have to make difficult compromises in order to study.

So, in order to propel our students towards the community services industry, our Diploma of Community Services course is structured with flexibility in mind.

With more and more students choosing to study online classes, the appeal to virtual learning is prominent within the education sector. However, if you’re uncertain about whether you should study a community services diploma online, we’re here to provide clarification.

Within our informative guide, we shall address the benefits of studying online. In addition, we shall also explore one of the best online community services diplomas in Australia, providing a detailed walkthrough of module content.

The Benefits of Enrolling in Online Classes

Now that you know that you can study an online diploma of community services, it’s also essential to know why you should study online.

Listed below are a few of the most prominent advantages of virtual learning.


Virtual learning is ideal for those who are advancing their education whilst juggling other commitments. In a traditional learning environment, you would have to arrange your own schedule in accordance with your classes, which could prove to be rather challenging.

By studying online classes, you’ll have more control over how you manage your time. By choosing to study when it’s the most convenient for you, you will increase the success of your educational journey without sacrificing your other commitments.

Constant Access to Course Materials

Given that what you learn from traditional lecturing relies on your ability to take and organize notes, you risk missing out on valuable information.

On the other hand, with virtual learning, you can revisit recorded video presentations and module content. This facet of online learning is extremely beneficial when/if you encounter a topic that you initially don’t fully understand.

In revisiting resources, you can continuously improve your academic performance.

Personalised Education

Studying online offers an alternative method of learning for those who typically struggle to focus in a traditional learning environment.

If you prefer to study from home or a different location, virtual learning allows you to do that. 

Additionally, for the students who don’t like to assert themselves in class, by attending online classes in your own comfortable environment, you may find participating in discussions a lot easier.

Essentially, virtual learning will allow you to personalise your studies so that you get the most out of your educative journey.

Sage Education’s Diploma of Community Services Course

With Sage Education, one of the top nationally registered training organisations in Australia, you can rest assured that when you study our diploma of community services course, you’re in good hands.

Specialising in case management, our course is crafted with the proficient community services worker in mind. Not only will you learn the necessary advanced competencies to flourish within the community services sector, but you’ll also have access to rewarding career opportunities after the successful completion of insightful work placement.

The best part – our course exhibits the utmost accessibility via our virtual learning system.

Our Entry Requirements

In order to study with Sage Education, you must adhere to the following requirements.

– You must be at least 18 years old.

– You must have sound language and literacy skills.

– You must be employed in a regulated aged, disability or community centre.

– You must be able to obtain a federal police check.

Our Course Structure

When you study a diploma of community services with Sage Education, you’ll be able to study our modules online at your own pace.

Although this course is delivered across a span of thirty weeks, you will have an entire year to complete the course. You will also gain valuable practical experience when you complete a hundred hours of vocational placement!

Our Modules

You can’t fully appreciate the value of choosing the right diploma of community services course until you’ve seen the type of content you’ll be studying.

With this in mind, we have provided a detailed walkthrough of our module’s content so you have a complete understanding of how Sage Education will help you refine your own professional practice.

CHCCCS007D – Develop and Implement Service Programs

To start, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge required to engage with clients and analyse their diverse range of needs. After knowing how to familiarise yourself with said needs, you’ll then learn how to develop, implement and continually review service programs to ensure they’re improving the lives of your clients.

This first step is imperative for budding community services workers who seek ongoing professional development in order to develop their careers within the community services sector.

CHCCOM003 – Develop Workplace Communication Strategies

In this unit, you will learn how to develop communication protocols for your team.

By studying this module, you’ll know how to communicate effectively with other community services workers and thus be able to collaborate with your colleagues to meet your organisation’s objectives.

CHCDEV002 – Analyse Impacts of Sociological Factors on Clients in Community Work and Services

By studying the CHCDEV002 module, you’ll know how to identify and analyse the impact of sociological factors on your clients.

You will witness how inequality and lack of accessibility/opportunity may impact key areas of your clients’ lives. As a result, you will also learn how to identify the consequences of such inequality, like domestic and family violence, substance abuse, and poor mental health issues.

You will then learn how to develop programs that rectify these negative sociological factors so that they can make a positive impact on your clients’ lives instead.

CHCDIV003 – Manage and Promote Diversity

When you study the CHCDIV003 module, you’ll learn how to evaluate and promote diversity within the workplace. You will learn how to develop and support processes and practices that address, foster, and respect workplace diversity.

Additionally, you will learn how to adapt workplace communication strategies in accordance with your ethical practice responsibilities.

CHCLEG003 – Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance

During this module, you’ll learn how to research information regarding compliance requirements, the consequences of non-compliance and how to determine your own ethical responsibilities.

You will also develop and distribute policies and practices and then learn how to monitor and maintain your knowledge of legal and ethical compliance.

It’s incredibly important that you stay up to date with any changes to legal and ethical compliance so that, when you enter/reenter the workplace, you can continue to implement exceptional service programs for your clients.

CHCMGT005 – Facilitate Workplace Debriefing and Support Processes

During the CHCMGT005 module, you’ll acquire the knowledge to monitor and support workers. Specifically, by the time you’ve finished this module, you’ll know how to implement support processes that will help your colleagues manage stress.

You’ll learn how to monitor the personal and social well-being of your coworkers. Additionally, you’ll know how to develop strategies that will allow you to respond appropriately to any incidents that pose a risk to your colleagues’ mental health.

CHCPRP003 – Reflect on and Improve Own Professional Practice

By studying this unit, you’ll learn how to reflect on your own professional practice with the intent of improving your performance.

The biggest advantage to studying this module is that you’ll learn how to identify and participate in opportunities that will expand your own expertise.

HLTWHS004 – Manage Work Health and Safety

This module solely focuses on health and safety practices in the workplace. You will learn how to establish procedures that help to identify potential risks and hazards.

You will learn how to encourage collaboration and cooperation regarding those procedures, ensuring that your coworkers understand the procedures and are able to offer feedback.

You’ll also be able to ensure that your health and safety procedures are in compliance with risk control processes.

Elective Units

To accompany our compulsory modules, we have eight elective units to help you advance your own professional practice even further. From knowing how to enhance cultural safety to developing, facilitating, and reviewing all aspects of case management, our elective units transform our students into expert community services workers.

To learn more about our elective units, don’t hesitate to browse our Diploma of Community Services course!

Overall, our course will prepare you for the role of community services workers involved in the development, management and implementation of client-centric service programs within a community.

Enrol with Sage Education

You now know what a diploma of community services course entails and the importance of online studies.

The key takeaway is that every community services worker who lends their time, effort and compassion to the most vulnerable members of society should have the opportunity to refine their skill sets without limitation or sacrifice.

With Sage Education, you will receive your nationally recognised qualification without such boundaries. With that being said, the power is now in your hands. Enrol in our Diploma of Community Services course and become a leading authority on community sector management!

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All you need to do to start/advance the rewarding career of your dreams is get in touch

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