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Everyone’s got to start somewhere. When it comes to working in a childhood education and care setting, there are no exceptions.

In order to find a rewarding career where you can hone your passion for educating and supporting young people, you must earn it.

How do you go about that?

You start by studying a first-rate Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care course.

At Sage Education, we believe that every beginner in the healthcare industry deserves to know exactly how to advance their blossoming careers. With that being said, we shall uncover how to do just that!

Within today’s guide, we shall explore how you can start a career within an early childhood education and care setting!

Where Can a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care Online Course Take You?

Given that we’re focussing on your future career today, it seems only fitting that we immediately address where a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care course can take you.

Below, we’ve provided detailed walkthroughs of the promising careers that’ll become available to you upon the successful completion of the course!

A Childcare Worker/Childcare Assistant

  • The average salary of a childcare worker/childcare assistant in Australia is $59,500 per year.

A childcare worker/childcare assistant is a qualified professional who tends to children and nurtures their development.

Within these roles, you could support children from infancy to the age of 12, so it’s expected that your duties will vary depending on the age of the child under your care. However, we have compiled a list of the typical responsibilities that you’ll have if you embark on this career.

– You’ll support the holistic learning of the child. This will involve the encouragement of social, physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities.

– You’ll organise a consistent daily routine for children.

– You will support children’s play.

– You will monitor the child’s behavioural development and discuss issues that may arise with the child’s parents.

– You will prepare nutritious meals that follow basic food safety practices.

– You will support hygienic practices.

– Most importantly, you’ll supervise the child at all times.

A Family Daycare Worker

– The average salary of a family daycare worker in Australia is $59,500 per year.

A family daycare worker’s responsibilities largely remain unchanged from those of a childcare worker; however, there are a few distinctions. A family daycare worker typically works in the child’s natural environment (their home).

There is a large focus on recreational activities and social/communication development. A family daycare worker fosters positive and respectful relationships. A family daycare worker will also support children’s understanding of sharing via holistic development and play.

By providing materials and equipment for children’s education and recreational activities, a family daycare worker will inspire positive behavioural development that will shape the child’s future.

A Nanny

– The average salary of a nanny in Australia is $60,000 per year.

As discussed previously, there is some overlap regarding the responsibilities of those in the early childhood education and care sector.

A nanny, like a family daycare worker, will work in the natural environment of the child they care for. Differing from a family daycare worker, however, a nanny will provide high-quality household assistance.

Here are some of the usual duties of a nanny:

– You will prepare the child for school.

– You will drop off/pick up the child from school and appointments.

– You will wash the child’s clothes.

– You will complete general domestic chores.

– You will supervise the completion of homework.

– You will prepare meals.

– You will organise playdates.

A Recreation Assistant

– The average salary of a recreation assistant is $58,591 per year.

Recreation assistants organise and implement recreational activities under the supervision of a recreation manager.

In finding employment in a role such as a recreation assistant, you will be responsible for the following:

– You will organise and lead recreational activities.

– You will set up equipment used for activities, such as instruments or electronics.

– You will regularly maintain and clean recreational equipment and facilities.

– You will assist other staff members in setting up games, sports, and events.

– You will assist the children participating in the activity.

– You will ensure the children’s safety.

– You will perform administrative tasks.

Sage Education’s Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care Course

Now that you know which careers await you upon graduating from a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care course, it’s time to learn more about what Sage Education can offer you.

We shall now explore our esteemed course, revealing our course requirements, how we arrange your work placement, and so much more!

Entry Requirements

With Sage Education, there are no strict requirements to study our Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care course; however, we do have some recommendations for our prospective students.

– You should be at least 15 years old.

– You should have completed Year 9 or equivalent.

– You should have sound literacy/language skills.

– You must be able to obtain a working with children’s check.

Course Duration

Our course is usually delivered over a span of 30 weeks, but at Sage Education, we appreciate that you may have other commitments.

We don’t believe that your educative journey should come at the expense of another equally important aspect of your life. Therefore, we give our students a year-long window to complete the course.

Note: During the 12 months you have to complete the course, you must also complete 160 hours of vocational placement. The best part is that we will organise your vocational placement for you!


The start of our revered course starts with the social aspect of working in the early childhood education and care industry. We will teach you how to work alongside diverse people, focusing on their health, safety and well-being, as well as how to encourage positive and respectful relationships among children.

Additionally, we dedicate a lot of our efforts to providing you with the necessary competencies to foster holistic development.

You will then learn how to utilise an approved learning framework to guide your practices and how to meet legal and ethical obligations in children’s education and care. Speaking of practices, you will learn how to follow environmentally sustainable work practices that help children learn the importance of protecting our planet.

Determined to go the extra mile for our students, we also offer emergency first-aid response training and information regarding workplace health so that you can support children’s wellbeing in a safe manner.

Even with all of the topics mentioned above, this module content is still only a fraction of what you will learn about the early childhood education and care setting with Sage Education!

Why You Should Study with Sage Education

Sage Education is one of Australia’s top providers of nationally recognised VET courses in child care, aged care, disability, and community services sectors.

We have provided excellent education since 1998! Over this period, we’ve seen over 3000 successful graduates find employment. Our focus on employability skills is second to none, bolstered by our connections to the top employers in the industry!

When you study with Sage Education, you will access an abundance of specialised competencies and vocational placements, all of which are available to those who wish to study online.

Not only will we give you the ability to empower, encourage, and enhance the lives of the children under your care, but you will also witness firsthand how your work has shaped the adult lives of the children you work with.

Enrol with Sage Education

You know which careers will become available to you once you complete our Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care course.

You also know how your studies with Sage Education will provide you with the necessary competencies to flourish within said careers. Now, it’s time to act on what you’ve learned.

Enrol in Sage Education’s Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care course and become an integral facet of children’s education. Lend your knowledge and compassion to the early childhood education and care of young people and foster the next generation of extraordinary individuals.

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